Quality policy

For a better guarantee of functionality and the qualitative principles of the company we describe here our policy.

Artinvogue is a company dedicated to the injection, machining, stamping and galvanizing parts and accessories in metal, its main objective being the manufacture of quality accessories for the textile, footwear and leather goods industry. Our fundamental commitment is to transmit to customers and stakeholders the confidence to create, produce and possess a diversity of high quality products and an organization capable of consistently and systematically delivering the level of quality required to satisfy completely their needs and expectations, in view of the continuous improvement of our processes and quality system.

To achieve these objectives we base our strategy of action based on the following principles:
- Workers are one of the key factors to the success of the company. Thus we promote their valuation, encouraging their participation in the analysis, preparation and implementation of actions aimed at quality improvement;
- Suppliers contribute to our performance, so we encourage partnerships and continuity;
- Our internal organization allows flexibility to adapt constantly to new markets and / or new requirements;
- The legal and regulatory requirements are known and fulfilled by our company.